If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best cruising experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

To understand the total cost of a stateroom, it is important to understand how the cruise line sets its prices. The cruise line changes their advertised prices on a regular basis (weekly changes are common), and a price you see advertised today may not be available tomorrow. The prices go up and down based on supply and demand and there is not way to pinpoint your exact rate until you book your stateroom on the phone with us. That said, it is always best to pre-register early so we can call you to book your cabin. 

After you pre-register for your stateroom, you will receive a call from us (usually within a few days). On this call we will help you choose your exact stateroom type and location right down to the exact cabin number. You have total control over choosing your cabin location. Once you have selected a stateroom, we will collect your credit card information from you and make the deposit with the cruise line on your behalf. That usually happens within 3 days of choosing your stateroom. 

As a rule, staterooms are refundable as per the cancelation schedule included in your cruise packet. However, some lead guests may wish to take advantage of discounted fares offered conditionally that do not feature a refundable deposit. Your cruise planner will advise you of the rates for both standard and non-refundable staterooms. 


Deposit ($500/stateroom) Date varies
50% of Total Invoice, less any deposit made 150 days prior to sailing
Remaining Balance  120 days prior to sailing



Refundable until 91 days prior to sailing (excluding cabins booked with a special rate fare that features a non-refundable deposit.

25% of cruise fare and taxes. Pre-paid gratuities are refundable.

90-76 days prior to sailing

50% of cruise fare and taxes. Pre-paid gratuities are refundable.

75-61 days prior to sailing

75% of cruise fare and taxes. Pre-paid gratuities are refundable.

60-46 days prior to sailing

100% of cruise fare and taxes. Pre-paid gratuities are NOT refundable within 7 days of sailing.

45-0 Days Prior to sailing



Yes. But, please keep in mind, any changes in cabin will reflect the current pricing and you will lose any promotions you may currently hold on you current cabin. You may not change your cabin after 120 days prior to the sailing.

Guests traveling on closed-loop cruises (meaning a cruise that departs from and returns to the same U.S. port) are not required to have passports as per the WHTI - Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. For more information on this please visit the following website for more information (please inform us if this link becomes outdated so we can update it):


Although it is not necessary to have a passport to take most cruises, 42nd Street Cruises recommends ALL GUESTS have a valid passport when cruising in case of emergency. Please give yourself ample time when applying for a passport.


All guests must be at least 6 months old to travel on most cruises. However, guests must be at least 1 year old to travel on trans-Atlantic cruises. Please keep in mind, there are NO DISCOUNTS for infants and children on any cruise line. 

You can cruise when pregnant, however you may not cruise past your 24th week of pregnancy.

Gratuities are paid on the ship for most cruises. If your cruise requires pre-paid gratuities, or if your studio opts to require pre-paid gratuities, your gratuities will be added to your invoice. 

42nd Street Cruises recommends all lead guests research what items can and can't be taken onto a cruise before getting to the port. 42nd Street Cruises is not responsible for any items that are taken away or not allowed on the cruise ship. 

The Lead Guest of each stateroom must be at least 21 years old. Please be sure to check with the cruise line for restrictions and proper documentation for minors traveling without a parent. 42nd Street Cruises is not responsible if a guest does not have proper documentation to cruise without a parent.

Casual attire is what you will need for a majority of the cruise. The cruise line has formal, smart casual and casual nights. Formal attire includes suits and ties or tuxedos for men and cocktail dresses for women. Smart casual attire includes jackets and ties for men and dresses or pantsuits for women. Casual attire includes sport shirts and slacks for men and sundresses or pantsuits for women.

When you book your cruise on the phone with 42nd Street Cruises, we will tell you the available options for dining times. 

On most cruises the maximum number of guests in a cabin is 4. Please keep in mind, if you book a cabin for 2 guests and decide to add more later on, you may be required to change cabins as not all cabins will accommodate a 3rd and 4th guest.  

If you have a family of 5, please pre-register for 2 cabins (one with 3 guests and one with 2 guests). When we call you, please advise us that you have 5 guests and we will let you know if the ship has any available "family staterooms" that can accommodate 5 guests. Please keep in mind, these cabins are not common on ships and when present are often already booked by other guests. 

Soft drink and alcohol packages can be purchased on the ship after you board. We encourage lead guests to speak with information desk staff after boarding to find out if a beverage package is right for them. 

After your final payment has been made, we encourage all guests to visit the cruise line's website and complete the online check-in to help speed up the boarding process when they get to the port. You may also use the cruise line's online system to book dining and excursions. 

Your cruise line reservation number is listed on your invoice. 

42nd Street Cruises does not provide transportation to and from the port unless requested but the group leader and booked for the entire group. 

Lead guests can choose from any available cabin except:

1.). Cabins marked as "GTY" or "Guarantee.

2.) Any special staterooms with occupancy restrictions.