The studio chooses the cruise

This is the fun part. Take a look at and and choose the exact cruise you want. While you are browsing the fantastic cruise itineraries, please take note of the pricing. Because you will receive the exact same pricing from us. If you need help deciding on your cruise, just ask us. We love to talk cruises! Once you know which cruise you want, let us know and we’ll get to work on your Lead Guest Packet.

Families receive the Lead-Guest Packet

We’ll create a customized Lead Guest Packet for you to give to your families. You can email it to them, post it to Facebook, or even print it out and hand them a copy. The packet contains the cruise itinerary, instructions for pre-registering staterooms, the due dates for pre-registration, deposit and payment dates, and some other important information. Once families receive this packet, they can begin pre-registering their cabins online.

Let the booking begin!

This will be your favorite part. After the Lead Guest of each stateroom pre-registers for the cruise, we will call them directly to choose and book their stateroom. They can choose from ANY AVAILABLE STATEROOM on the ship. That’s not a misprint. When dance groups book with us, the Lead Guest can choose their stateroom right down to the exact stateroom number. We even encourage the Lead Guest to look at the floor plan of the ship on the cruise line’s website during our call so they are sure to choose the exact cabin they want. Remember, there is absolutely no markup at all when you cruise with us, so there are never any surprises.

We invoice each cabin directly

This will be your second favorite part. Once the Lead Guest chooses and deposits on his or her stateroom, we will send them an invoice. Each cabin is enrolled in direct billing so there is no need for you to collect a dime from your travelers. If there are any changes along the way (adding additional guests, changes in cabin type, etc.), the Lead Guests will handle that directly through us. We’ll just keep you in the loop with a master cabin list so you can see who is registered at all times. It’s almost too easy!

Not all companies are created equal.

Choosing the right company for your dance cruise.

42nd Street Cruises is the premier cruise planner for student dance groups in the United States and Canada. We know the expectations of dance studio owners are different from other performing ensembles. As a studio owner, you are not only a dance teacher, but you are a business owner too. When you are planning a cruise for your studio, you want a company with an understanding of dance, and with the ability to meet the expectations of your dancers and their families. This is where 42nd Street Cruises excels.

What do studios owners want?

As a studio owner, your time is both extremely limited, and extremely valuable. And there is nothing worse than taking on a new project like a dance cruise only to find out you are now responsible for everything! You have to collect deposits, compile cabin lists, make certain all names are spelled correctly, make sure birth dates are correct... STOP! You are not a travel agent! If you have been down this road before with other companies, you know how much you don’t want to do it again. Rest assured, cruising with us is a completely different experience. We do it all! You do not need to collect a single dollar or a single bit of information for us. We handle it all. All you need to do is decide which cruise you want. We told you, it’s almost too easy.

What do parents want?

Parents all want the same thing when they are cruising with a dance studio. They want a great performance, they want to choose their EXACT cabin type and location, they want to take advantage of all promotions offered by the cruise line, get perks if they are part of the cruise line’s incentive program, pay with their credit cards, be in total control of their cruise, and have fun with their family. It’s that simple. We bill your families directly and allow them to choose from ALL AVAILABLE CABINS on the ship. We do not hold just a few cabins and only allow the group to book into those. Again, your families can choose from all available cabins, in any category. It’s what the parents want, so we give it to them.

Which cruise lines are available?

Dance studio owners and their families only want the best when cruising. That is why we are proud to offer Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises exclusively.

Cruise website custom built for your studio

Your customized cruise website is available to your families from pre-registration through travel. And best of all, the website can be added to the home screen of both Apple and Android devices. It's your very own studio cruise app!

Up-to-date itinerary always available

There's no reason to send information out to your families about your cruise.  We keep your studio's cruise site current at all times with the dates and times for performances, workshops, and other cruise inclusions.  

Everything in one place

Your customized cruise website has all relevant links for your families.  

  • Make updates and upgrades
  • Purchase travel insurance
  • View current itinerary
  • Ask questions